Useful Links

  • Techdirt’s article summarizing how it is possible to compete with free products and how to do so (NOTE: there are a lot of related posts to that one, so be sure to check a few (if not all) of them out at some point, and also check out the main site itself)
  • “open…” (Glyn Moody’s blog on all things open (e.g. software, agriculture, television, etc.))
  • The Blog of Helios (Ken Starks’s blog for the Helios project, which accepts donations of old computers and computer parts, puts them together, installs Linux on them (usually Linux Mint or PCLinuxOS, but this depends on the consumer’s needs), and gives them to disadvantaged families (especially families with younger children))
  • Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig (site here, available as a free PDF download)
  • DistroWatch (an aggregation of news and reviews of pretty much any Linux, BSD, or Solaris distribution under the sun)
  • Linux Today (a site containing user-submitted Linux news (happily, some articles from this blog have made it there))
  • FSDaily (another site aggregating user-submitted free software news, which is voted up or down by site visitors)
  • Slashdot (an aggregation of science, technology, and law (as applied to science and technology) news)
  • Dedoimedo (a good site for Linux reviews)
  • Writingtips  (Daily English writing tips)
  • Web Hosting Sites::


I’ll add more as I think of them.


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