How to avoid blunders during Walk-in Interview

On hearing about walking interviews, the first image in your mind will appear is of “mass
interview”, many people sitting in a queue. There are many people who can easily face
scheduled interview, but when same people asked to face the walking interview they become
nervous and fumble. To avoid this fumble, here are simple tips, which can boost your
confidence before facing walking interviews.
Tips for preparing walking interviews
Be calm and poised
The first thing is to remain calm and poised, no matter how many people are there for the
interview. This will help you to focus on the questions asked and answer them precisely. While
facing the interviewer, you have to make eye contact with them and try to keep your answer
short unless your interviewer asks you more detail on it.
Organize your documents
Always keep your documents in an organized manner. So when you are asked for documents,
you can easily hand over to interviewer without shuffling and juggling into the files, in such tense
condition. It will also save your time.
Prepare well
Before going for walking interview, make sure that you read the walking advertisement carefully
and get familiarize with the company’s requirement. Also, do enough research about the
company’s detail like their mission, vision and working culture.
Update your resume

Always carry with you an updated copy of resume, and only mention those skills in it which you
are confident about. Also be prepared with the common questions in an interview like “Why
should we hire you?”
Be honest
It always works “Honesty is the Policy”. No person in this world has infinite knowledge of
everything. So when you are not sure of your answer or you don’t know, then politely say,
“NO” to the questions.
Be confident but not arrogant
Sometimes to check your confidence, interviewer can twist questions or put you with wrong
questions, while answering them you have to be careful. Answer only those questions for which
you are confident.
Know whom you are meeting with
While going for walking interview always make sure whom you are going to meet. Remember
the name of the person who has called you for an interview or carry the business card of an
interviewer. And don’t forget rule number one, always reach at time and dress well.
Avoid personal remarks
Do not criticize your previous or current colleagues, friends, manager etc. during interview. Also,
do not bring financial aspects into a discussion; it might give wrong impression about you to
your employer, at least try to avoid at the initial rounds of interview. At last make a smooth exit,
with a nice greeting.
Once the walking interview is done, the next step is finalizing the candidates. Few walking
interviews finalize their candidates on the spot, while few left over their decision for second
round or inform the candidate later on after scrutinizing every bit of short-listed candidates.


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