New year…New month

Another year is passing by and this past year has also enriched us by its experiences. Time keeps posing challenges, it is for you to see how you can benefit from these challenges. In Chinese, there is only one word for crisis as well as opportunity – because every crisis is an opportunity to exhibit your strength, skill and abilities to endure any situation, circumstance. Every time a challenge is in front of you, see how you can make it an opportunity for your growth. As you are coming to the end of this year, think of how you handled these challenges, what mistakes you made, and what lessons you learnt. Second, think of gifts that the past year has brought to your life, and how you are going to utilize these gifts to make life better on the planet.Next, you need to be ready to learn new lessons in life. Keep the cheer, the joy and smile throughout the journey of life. Everybody is on a conveyor belt and the belt is moving. Some are crying, some are laughing, but the conveyor belt is anyway moving. So, it is your choice, how do you want to move on this conveyor belt of time.
Welcome the coming New Year with a resolution. Resolve to be of use to others. Resolve to be happy and spread happiness. Happiness is our very nature. What overshadows this happiness is, ‘I want this’, or, ‘I want that’. ‘I want something’. When you say nothing whatsoever matters, immediately there is freedom. In the world there is always some imperfection; some things are pleasant and some unpleasant. Some things happen the way you want, some things happen the way you don’t want. When nothing matters to you then things happen the way you want.

Hold on to the faith that only good will happen to you. Hold on to the faith, and let go of cravings. If you let go of cravings, you will be happy. If something unpleasant is happening to you, it is because nature wants to make you strong. Resolve to do something good in society, and have the confidence that whatever you need will be given to you.

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