How to Install Dropbox in Ubuntu Using Proxy

i have access Internet through an SSH tunnel. However, the Dropbox installation procedure do not support either SOCKS5 or http proxy. (Yes, the document says it works with http_proxy environment variable, but seems it does not.) Thanks to two great tools: proxychains and tsocks, which can launch any application and handle their network communication request through a pre-configured proxy.
With the help of these tools, I can install Dropbox on a brand new Ubuntu machine follows the steps:
  1. Install tsocks (or proxychains) under Ubuntu using synaptic. Thanks to Ubuntu, who made these tools standard packages.
  2. Get a SSH tunnel (in any way you like). I paid for an account. So I can setup a proxy tunnel by the following command line on my computer:
    ssh -D 7070 my-username@my-service-provider-url
  3. Configure your Web browser to use the tunnel. In Firefox, select to use SOCKS5 proxy: localhost:7070. This enables you access to Dropbox’s homepage and download the Ubuntu package.
  4. Install the package by clicking it in Nautilus. To check the installation, in a shell, type the command
    dropbox start -i

    If you can see some error messages complaining network access restriction, you made it.

  5. Add the following lines to /etc/tsocks.conf:
    server =
    server_type = 5
    server_port = 7070

    If you are using proxychains, you need to modify /etc/proxychains.conf or make your own ~/.proxychains.conf.

  6. This time, using tsocks to launch the Dropbox online install procedure:
    tsocks dropbox start -i

    Cross your fingers and wait for it to download and install Dropbox, until you see Dropbox icon appears on the top-right corner of your screen.

  7. Right-click Dropbox icon, select “Preferences”, and set SOCKS5 proxy like you did for Firefox. Hopefully, Dropbox starts to sync files you need now.

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