Research Paper vs. White Paper – What’s the Difference?

With a research paper, the writer begins the project not knowing what the outcome or results will be. Thus, the results come from the research. The conclusion is a result of the findings.

However, with a white paper, a clear understanding of the objectives and intended results are understood from the beginning. The core messages are NOT derived from a study of a topic, rather they are clearly outlined before a writer ever starts the project.

The use of white papers is also different from research papers.

White papers are usually used to help generate business or close a sale.

Research papers are typically used to open up ideas for future exploration and might find their way into journals.



असंभवं हेमम्रुगस्य जन्म तथापि रामो लुलुभे मृगाय |
प्रायः समापन्नविपत्तिकाले धियोsपि पुंसां मलिनीभवन्ति ||

अर्थ :- सुवर्णमृगाचा जन्म असंभवनीय आहे हे माहीत असूनही, राम त्यासाठी लालचावला. यावरून बहुतांशी, संकटे येण्याच्या वेळी माणसांची बुद्धीसुद्धा मलीन होते (हेच खरे!)..


Academic stress is commonly experienced by most of the students. However, there is no shortcut to hard work. So, it is important for the students to effectively organise or manage their time and adopt systematic study strategies/ planning from the beginning of the academic year.
 Find your best time, preferably when you feel more energetic, focused and relaxed, to deal with difficult topics.
 Choose a quiet, uncluttered place to study. Keep all the required materials close at hand.
 Start each study session with 10 minutes of review of the most recent material you have read. This reinforces previous learning and boosts your confidence.
 Remember the SQ3R rule for studying— Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review (regular revision).
 Make notes to organise your answers better.

 Actively participate in class by asking questions in your mind or to the teacher
 At home, always reserve a block of time to study. Also, vary the subjects you study in each session.
 Eat, exercise, and rest adequately. Try to practice some relaxation exercises.
 Avoid studying when you are tired, bored, or upset.

 Major reasons for forgetting are stress, anxiety, lack of revision and memorising without understanding the subject.
 Summarising what you have learnt in your own words is an effective way to retain the information.
 Explaining a topic to a friend, having a Q & A session among friends and focused group study helps.
 Reading the same topic/ information by different authors in different ways enables better understanding and thus better
retention of the material.
 Connect the material to earlier known information or to a mental image i.e. pictures or numbers.
 Use mnemonics- techniques such as Acronyms (using first letter of each word to form a word), Acrostics (using first letter of each word to make a sentence). Chunking (dividing items into small chunks or groups) and Rhyming (singing formulas or equations to the tune of your favourite song) are also helpful.

 Start preparation with familiarising yourself with the syllabus and the previous years’ question papers. Make a realistic study time
table based on your level of preparation and stick to it.
 Identify your negative thoughts and try to replace them with positive, more realistic and helpful thoughts.
 Maintain a healthy lifestyle, i.e., healthy food, adequate sleep, and regular exercise.
 Do relaxation exercises to keep the tension level low.
 Focus on the exam rather than the results and engage in positive self talk. Also, take up practice tests by timing yourself for
previous year’s question papers. This helps to allocate time wisely to different types of questions.

 While writing the exam, take some deep  breaths and give some positive suggestions to yourself. If you don’t know the answer to a question, don’t panic and don’t think you will fail. Go to the next question and come back to the unanswered question later.
 Avoid discussing the paper with your friends after the exam if it increases your anxiety or makes you nervous. Try to focus on the next paper, even if you have not written the previous exam well.
 Remember… Exams and results are important but your result is not your identity.

Set a specific long-range goal, break it into smaller steps and praise yourself for having achieved each step. Make yourself accountable by having a friend/parent to monitor your progress.

Bring your ‘motivated’ image to mind as you take up challenging activities. Believe in yourself. Think positive. This will help you feel great when the task is done.

Learn how to develop positive attitude towards frustration and failure. Remember that satisfaction comes as much from pursuing goals as from achieving them.

Taking action generates the drive for further action; once you start the work you will probably realise that it is not as hard as you had imagined. The work does not have to be perfect every time. When you really hate it, try to make it as enjoyable as possible!

जिद्द असावी तर कशी… फेसबुकच्या नव्या डायरेक्टरसारखी

नोकरी मिळाली नाही तर बनला `फेसबुक`चा डायरेक्टर!

जिद्द असावी तर कशी… फेसबुकच्या नव्या डायरेक्टरसारखी… असं म्हटलं तर आता वावगं ठरणार नाही. होय, कारण नुकतंच फेसबुकच्या बोर्ड ऑफ डायरेक्टरमध्ये एन्ट्री मिळवणाऱ्या जन कूम यांना एकेकाळी याच फेसबुकनं नोकरी देण्यासही नकार दिला होता.

व्हॉटसअपचे सीईओ जन कूम आणि त्यांचा सहकारी ब्रायन एक्टन यांना काही वर्षांपूर्वी फेसबुकनं नोकरी देण्यासही नकार दिला होता. परंतु, याच कूम यांना फेसबुकनं आता आपल्या बोर्ड ऑफ डायरेक्टर्सच्या यादीत सहभागी करून घेतलंय. फेसबुकशी केलेल्या या करारानुसार जन कूम हे जवळपास ४२,१६० करोड रुपयांच्या संपत्तीचे एकटे मालक बनणार आहेत.

फेसबुक आता वॉट्स ऍप विकत घेणारेय…१६ बिलियन डॉलर्सला फेसबुक वॉट्स ऍप खरेदी करण्याचा व्यवहार करणार आहे. तब्बल चार बिलियन डॉलर्स रोख रक्कम आणि १२ बिलियन डॉलर स्टॉक्सच्या स्वरुपात विकत घेण्याचा हा व्यवहार झालाय. पण, फेसबुकनं हा निर्णय का घेतला असा प्रश्न अनेकांना पडलाय….

मॅसेजिंग सुविधा देणारं अॅप्लिकेशन व्हॉटस्अपमुळे लोक आपल्या मित्रांसोबत मनमुराद गप्पा मारू शकतात. यासाठी तुमच्याजवळ हवाय केवळ तुमच्या मित्राचा मोबाईल नंबर… त्यामुळेच तरुण-तरुणींमध्ये व्हॉटसअपची थोड्याच वेळात मोठी क्रेझ निर्माण झाली होती. यादरम्यान फेसबुकचे सीएपओ डेव्हिड एबर्समॅन यांनी गेल्या वर्षी ऑक्टोबर महिन्यात कंपनीच्या टीनेज मार्केट सेगमेंटमध्ये घसरण झाल्याचं निदर्शनात आणून दिलं होतं. यामुळे कंपनीच्या शेअर्समध्ये थोडी खळबळ उडाली. फेसबुकच्या तुलनेत व्हॉटसअपवर तरुण-तरुणींचा ओढा वाढत होता. त्यामुळे फेसबुकनं आपलं भविष्य सुरक्षित करण्यासाठी हा सौदा केल्याचं म्हटलं जातंय